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Coast Two Data Recovery - VISA / Mastercard / Govt. PO

Note to our longtime clients:
After 20 years (as of 2014), we dropped carrier Century Link, those old numbers are no longer valid,
please change your records to new numbers below.
We can NOW provide TXT updates & more during your recovery projects

Coast Two Data Recovery - Forensic Data Recovery

Seattle, WA..........541-579-6900

Portland, OR........541-579-6900

Denver, CO..........303-990-9275

Boise, ID................541-579-6900

Eugene, OR..........541-579-6900

  • Speak/text directly with a  technician.
  • 20+ Years of experience.
  • Accurate phone quote.
  • Prices on our Web site.
  • Same day assessment (no charge).
  • Fast, Quality & Secure recovery, because
  • Our business is only data recovery.
  • No recovery - no fee (Standard Recovery).
  • Secure payment - VISA or Mastercard  (after you approve the results).
  • No sales tax.
  • Non Clean Room,
    lower cost recovery via
    forensic workstations.

Authorized VISA & MasterCard service.
The CompTIA A+ certification is an industry-wide vendor-neutral program.

17 years in Qwest DEX  ~1997-2014, Eugene OR
if you have an old phone book, simply look us up in yellow pages under Computers/Data Recovery.
(i.e. use this is a reference as to our longevity, when shopping/comparing vendors!)

     Small data recovery($95 / 16gb)
     Standard data recovery ($295 / 48gb)
     LARGE data recovery ($895)

      RAID data recovery($fee chart)

     Forensic data recovery (electronic Discovery)

     Full Time - Business hours
      • Plus limited after hours & weekends

Apple, Windows, Linux, more

go to Pricing Page  for all options,
see below for most common recovery:

Speak/text directly with a technician!
Monday - Friday
Call during Business hours and a tech should answer.
(or please leave VM) or TEXT message to 541-579-6900

Lost Thesis?
Lost tax documents?
Lost school final compositions?
Lost a needle in your haystack of data?
We are now offering a NEW package
for critical document emergencies
'Small Recovery'
non-clean room, using forensic workstations


package details:
for recovery of data lost from


i.e. logical damage/corruption

(NOT for Physically failing drives.),

up to 16gb of target data
from harddrive/thumbdrive,

2 terabyte or smaller,

(single partiton).

NOT for Physically failing drives.

NOT for Core Storage/SSD.

NOT for encrypted drives.

NOT for RAID drives.

    This bargain requires text messaging for project updates!

    You send:
  • your one BAD drive (SATA, IDE or USB only)
  • a USB 16gb thumbdrive to hold your recovery
  • a UPS Return Service Label (i.e. RS label)
  • your contact info (e.g. txt message #)
  • 'short list' of target data to recover
VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, PayPal
and more accepted
  after you approve the results.

no recovery
no fee

We now use PayPal to process payments.
Once you approve of any recovery,
we create a payable invoice via Paypal.
Paypal will then send you an email
with a link for secure payment.
Paypal accepts all major credit cards.

No fee if you do not approve ... or
No fee if we cannot recover.

Return shipping occurs upon
your approval and payment
or after you decline any recovery.

Please pack with bubble wrap
& corrugated cardboard box.
We will use your supplied UPS RS label and package for the the return shipment.

We maintain 'Texting' contact/updates throughout the project.

OK, if you are ready, you may ship to:

Coast Two Data Recovery
3003 W. 11th Ave. #283
Eugene, OR 97402

and text message to 541-579-6900

After ~20 years we have switched
from a bank to Paypal.
Using Paypal has lowered our credit card processing costs by~1% and has increased your security (we no longer directly handle/see your credit card info).

The $95 'Small Recovery' package excludes physically failing drives;
DO NOT send any drive that is smoking,
smells burnt, making scraping noise, etc.
The SATA or IDE drive should be spinning and not too noisy.


For physically failing drive recovery, see our pricing page.
Our forensic workstations can sometimes handle non spinning and clicking drives.

If you need clean room recovery
we suggest:



16gb typically includes: all DOC, XLS, ~5000 JPGs & more
call for custom quote
for your:

• Home Computer   • Workstation  • Laptop


•  Windows  • 

•   Macintosh   •  Linux   


for all data types, such as:

      • Documents & Settings Folder
      • DOC & XLS
      • Quickbooks Pro & Quicken
      • Outlook (PST files), AOL email 
      • Camera photos (JPGs)
      • and much more ...


Data returned on DVD, Blu-ray, thumbdrive or hard drive.


The CompTIA A+ certified professional logo is a registered trademark of CompTIA (the Computing Technology Industry Association) All rights reserved. The CompTIA A+ certification is an industry-wide vendor-neutral program

Q. Why is WinPro.net the website for Coast Two Data Recovery?
A. "WinPro.net" is easy to remember and type; Coast Two Data Recovery is the owner of the WinPro.net URL Address.